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Portuguese Air Force takes delivery of F-16 DART centre.

// 06-09-2023

Delivery to PRTAF of a complete training centre with a tactical F-16 pilot training system, including training modules for Fighter Controllers (GCI) and JTACs.


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European Air Force conducts extensive testing of F-16 DART

// 15-09-2022

A delegation from a European Air Force visited IFAD and conducted an extensive test and evaluation of a complete F-16 DART system (Deployable Advanced Readiness Trainer).


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J-SAR, Joint SAR trainer

// 15-04-2022

Joint Search and Rescue simulation solution for training JRCC personnel (SMC, OSC, ACO and SRU).


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The Portuguese Air Force is buying a new F-16 simulator

// 03-02-2022

The Portuguese Air Force awarded a contract to IFAD TS for the purchase of a new DART F-16 simulation based tactical training centre.


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IFAD solutions in Defence interoperability test

// 09-11-2020

IFAD simulator solutions in succesfull interoperability test carried out with units from army and air force.


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IRAS radio simulation product suite sees new format

// 11-03-2020

IFAD is proud to present our proven IRAS radio simulation solutions in new formats. IFAD has over the past months worked on improving usability and deployment of our IRAS product suite.This has resulted in new formats of the IRAS family.


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IRAS communication solution delivered to Kenyan Navy

// 25-04-2019

IFAD TS has delivered an IRAS Communication solution to the Kenya Navy Training Center at Mombasa. The IRAS solution is being used to train naval officers in tactical radio communication procedures.


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New F-16 simulator delivered to Royal Danish Air Force

// 27-01-2019

Danish MOD, RDAF and Fighter Wing Skrydstrup (FW SKP) took delivery of a newly developed combined DART F-16 simulator and JTAC training capacity provided by IFAD and sub-contractor ArenaLogic.


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IFAD Newsletter No. 3 2018

// 18-05-2018

Information about our new projects and product updates.


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IFAD TS releases comprehensive Instructor, FDC and CGF solution

// 02-02-2018

IFAD, a leading provider of simulation and training solutions for the Defence sector is proud to announce the release of F-INSTR for sale and use by our customers.


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New F-16 Pilot and JTAC tactical training solution (DART)

// 17-08-2017

IFAD TS and Arenalogic Aps provides new F-16 simulator training center to RDAF Fighter Wing Skrydstrup.


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New version of IRAS radio communication trainer released

// 13-06-2017

IRAS Trainer is a comprehensive simulation based radio communication training solution that is used for radio operator training and for rehearsal of complex communication scenarios.


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DART delivery to Danish Air Force

// 05-01-2017

IFAD TS receives contract award to provide DART - a Deployable Advanced Readiness Trainer to Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF).


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IFAD TS Delivers INTS Simulation Solution to CAE USA

// 25-08-2016

IFAD TS A/S of Denmark has delivered an INTS simulation solution to CAE USA as part of the MH-60R Seahawk program for the Royal Danish Navy. The contract awarded by CAE included IFAD’s Naval Tactical Simulator (INTS).


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IFAD delivers IRAS Radio training solution to UK customer

// 11-08-2016

IFAD TS has delivered an IRAS classroom training solution to a large customer in the UK. The solution is being used to train radio operators away from live operations, and off air.


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IFAD delivers SAR/NAV training solution to Royal Danish Navy

// 10-08-2016

IFAD has delivered SAR/NAV training solution to the Royal Danish Navy for Search and Rescue training. Video available on our YouTube channel.


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IFAD YouTube channel including product movies released

// 31-05-2016

New YouTube channel (IFAD-Web channel) opened. It includes videos about our mission critical training and simulation solutions for the defense area.


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IFAD TS provides comprehensive FAC/AO simulator to Danish Army

// 08-01-2016

IFAD is proud to announce that a comprehensive simulation based Forward Air Controller and Artillery Observer training system has been delivered to the Danish Army Combat and Fire Support Centre.


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IFAD TS receives order to deliver INTS Naval Tactical training solution to Asian customer

// 05-01-2016

IFAD TS A/S of Denmark has received an order from an Asian customer to deliver a Naval Tactical simulation-based training environment.


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IFAD and Systematic signs OEM agreement and integrates C2 into military simulation exercises

// 12-05-2015

IFAD and Systematic collaboration integrates C2 into military simulation exercises. The collaboration, now formalized in an OEM agreement, paves the way for situational awareness to simulation systems.


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IFAD releases new product: DIS/HLA Monitor at ITEC'2015

// 11-05-2015

The IFAD DIS/HLA Monitor is a general purpose application used to provide situational awareness of simulation networks based on DIS and HLA.


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Meet with IFAD at ITEC in Prague 28-30 April 2015

// 01-04-2015

IFAD will be attending this year's exhibition in the Czech Republic. We will demonstrate our range of professional simulation-based training solutions, including IRAS, INTS and IFACTS.


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IFAD delivers software emulated Harris RF-5800H-MP radio to the Danish Defense

// 23-01-2015

IFAD TS A/S of Denmark has delivered an emulated Harris RF-5800H-MP radio to the Danish Army. The delivery is a result of a follow-on contract awarded to IFAD by the Danish Defense. The emulated radio has been installed on the Danish Army's IRAS Radio Trainer. Previous deliveries to the army include emulated Harris 117F and Harris 152 radios.


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Simulators for joint CAS and Call for Fire training delivered

// 27-03-2014

IFAD has delivered a new IFACTS solution to the Danish Army's Fire Support and Combat School. The classroom solution supports joint training of Artillery Observers, Forward Air Controllers, and pilots in Call for Fire and Close Air Support procedures.


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IFAD releases Call For Fire training solution

// 18-09-2013

IFAD TS has released two solutions for training of Artillery Forward Observers in Call For Fire. Both solutions (IFACTS FO Station and FO Instructor) are extensions to IFADs existing forward air controller training solution IFACTS. IFACTS licenses including FO Station and FO Instructor were delivered to the Danish Army Artillery Regiment.


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Integrated tactical training solution with IFACTS and Sitaware at ITEC

// 16-05-2013

IFAD TS, a Danish provider of the IFACTS solution for joint training of Call for Fire and Close Air Support, and Systematic, will demonstrate an integrated tactical training solution with IFACTS and Systematic´s Sitaware BMS System.


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IFAD delivers IFACTS simulator for joint FAC/AO & Pilot training

// 23-01-2013

Danish Army has acquired a new version of IFACTS with significant new features to meet the Army’s demand for joint training of forward air controllers, forward observers, and pilots.


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IFAD delivers software emulated radios to Danish Defense

// 28-09-2012

IFAD TS delivers software emulated military radios to Danish Army and Navy. The delivery includes Harris AN/PRC-117 multiband, manpack radio and AN/PRC-152 single-channel, multiband handheld radio.


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INTS Naval Tactical trainer

// 01-01-2012

Flexible & scalable system for execution of realistic naval battle space scenarios


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Army Radio Simulation Contract

// 28-03-2011

Danish Defence awards contract to IFAD to supply a complete radio communications trainer (IRAS) to the Danish Army.


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FAC simulator to Danish Defense

// 25-03-2011

IFAD delivers IFACTS simulator to Danish Defense for realistic Close Air Support (CAS) training of TACP, SOF and pilots.


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Intercom and Radio Communication to Royal Danish Navy

// 06-10-2010

IFAD delivers simulated radio communication and Intercom to Royal Danish Navy.


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IFACTS in JCATS Joint Simulation Event 2010

// 07-05-2010

IFAD participates in Danish Joint Simulation Event 2010 with IFACTS, F-16 and JCATS simulators.


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New Solution for FAC and F16 Pilot Training

// 16-02-2009

New high-fidelity simulation solution for realistic F16 Pilot and FAC/JTAC Training.


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IFAD simulator integrated with the SAAB Gripen fighter

// 12-11-2008

IFAD has successfully integrated its simulator for forward air controllers with the Gripen fighter simulator.


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IFACTS JTAC & FO trainer

// 01-01-2008

Simulators for basic and currency training of JTAC's, FO's and pilots in Close Air Support (CAS) and Call for Fire (CFF) procedures.


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Navy training simulators

// 01-01-2008

Simulators for Tactical training, Search&Rescue, Radio and Radar training.


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Army training simulators

// 01-01-2008

Simulators for Close Air Support and Call for Fire training, Radio training and Interoperability solutions


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IRAS Radio simulation

// 01-01-2008

Radio operator training and rehearsal of complex communications scenarios.


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CAE USA expands Seahawk MH-60R simulator cooperation with Danish company IFAD TS A/S

// 02-02-2022

Based on successful cooperation since 2015 CAE USA Inc. has chosen to extend cooperation with IFAD TS A/S as preferred subcontractor for COMS (In-country Contractor Operation and Maintenance Services) of the Seahawk MH-60R simulator.


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Defence Minister Trine Bramsen visits IFAD TS A/S

// 27-10-2020

IFAD TS had the great pleasure of hosting our Minister of Defence Trine Bramsen during her visit to our company. The Minister was accompanied by Defence Speaker Jan Johansen and Lord Mayor of Odense Peter Rahbæk Juel .


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IFAD exhibits new Naval Tactical Trainer solution, INTS, at MAST

// 13-08-2019

Meet IFAD for a demonstration of our Naval Tactical Training solutions at the MAST, Northern Coasts exhibition (stand Danish Pavillon) in Copenhagen, September 4-6 2019.


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DALO awards 11-years agreement to Danish IFAD TS

// 08-01-2019

The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) has extended its long-term cooperation with IFAD through a new 11-years framework agreement.


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IFACTS JTAC training solution achieves NATO accreditation

// 12-10-2018

The JTAC/FAC training solution, IFACTS, provided by IFAD has after evaluation by NATO's Formal Assessment Team achieved NATO's accreditation to be used for Close Air Support training of Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs).


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DALO awards MSG-164 R&D contract to IFAD TS

// 26-02-2018

The MSG-164 NATO project ‘Modelling and Simulation as a Service' (MSaaS) aims to develop and test a concept for identification and integration of cloud based simulation services, and to obtain seamless connectivity and interoperability for distributed training across forces.


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IFAD TS attends DDAC'2018 in Copenhagen

// 01-02-2018

IFAD TS attends DDAC'2018, the annual Danish Defence and Aero Space Community Conference.


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IFAD TS A/S achieves JOSCAR Certification

// 10-01-2018

IFAD has satisfied all requirements to become fully registered on the JOSCAR supplier accreditation register, as set out by ADS and participating buying organisations.


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MSaaS ‘Modelling & Simulation as a Service’ to be demonstrated at I/ITSEC 2017

// 22-11-2017

IFAD, being a partner in the NATO MSG project MSaaS, is looking forward to demonstrate: Individual Training Exercise “Resolute Action”, November 29 2017 at NATO Booth 2161


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Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) between NCIA Agency and IFAD TS signed

// 16-08-2017

NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCIA) and IFAD TS A/S signed Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) for software development services, providing of training solutions and selling of training products.


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Huge success at ITEC 2017

// 12-06-2017

Great interest for IFADs military training solutions, incl. our new product F-INSTR, an instructor and CGF solution dedicated to generation and execution of scenarios for Call for Fire and Close Air Support training.


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IFAD exhibits at ITEC'2017 in Rotterdam May 16-18

// 02-05-2017

It is a pleasure to invite you to visit IFAD at the ITEC exhibition in Rotterdam. On display are our simulator solutions for Joint Distributed Mission-Critical Training. We are looking forward to seeing you for a presentation of our solutions or a live demonstration May 16-18 at Stand No. 31A.


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IFAD TS celebrates 30 years anniversary

// 01-02-2017

Today IFAD celebrates its 30 years anniversary. Thanks to all our customers and partners for your support and excellent collaboration. It has been 30 fantastic years.


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NATO Scientific Achievement Award to IFAD Employees

// 04-01-2017

NATO Science and Technology Organization - Scientific Achievement Award 2016 presented to IFAD employees for the outstanding work and significant contribution in the NATO MSG-106 project.


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IFAD attends DALO 2016 Industry Day

// 11-10-2016

IFAD attended the Danish Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) 2016 Industry Day.


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IFAD TS attends NITEC2016

// 13-06-2016

IFAD TS attended the 2016 NATO C4ISR Industry Conference (NITEC16) "Building Resilience through Secure C4ISR: NATO-Industry Collaboration in a New Era".


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IFAD - Featured Member of FAD

// 04-03-2016

Danish Defence and Security Industries Association (FAD) submits article about IFAD as FAD Featured Member.


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IFAD TS becomes certified Luciad partner

// 07-12-2015

Luciad and IFAD TS A/S have extended the OEM partner agreement that enables IFAD to include Luciad products into all of IFAD’s product suite, when marketing and selling these worldwide.


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IFAD TS provides IRAS radio simulation solution to QinetiQ

// 10-10-2015

IFAD, a leading provider of simulation and training solutions for defence forces worldwide, delivers an IRAS radio simulation solution, adaptation and support to QinetiQ. The solution is used as the primary radio simulation at the DSALT ABTC training centre, RAF Waddington, UK.


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IFAD signs MOU on Eurofighter with Airbus Defence and Space

// 22-08-2015

IFAD TS signs Memorandum of Understanding with Airbus Defence and Space regarding work related to the Eurofighter Typhoon. The agreement has a perspective of 30 years for 15 people.


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IFAD participates at DALO Industry Day 2015

// 21-08-2015

IFAD attended the Danish Acquisition and Logistics Organsation (DALO) 2015 Industry Day.


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CAE teams with Danish company IFAD TS A/S to provide solutions and support for the Seahawk MH-60R helicopter simulator

// 15-07-2015

CAE USA Inc. has chosen IFAD TS as preferred subcontractor for COMS (In-country Contractor Operation and Maintenance Services) on a ten-year contract


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IFAD TS Welcomes New Director of Sales and Marketing

// 02-07-2015

IFAD TS A/S is happy to announce the appointment of Mr. Henrik Fabricius as new Director, Sales and Marketing from June 1st 2015.


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IFAD TS participates at ITEC'2015 in Prague

// 06-05-2015

At ITEC'2015 in Prague IFAD TS exhibited a range of the company's well proven navy and army training solutions and products. IFAD demonstrated, through a number of live demonstrations, unprecedented levels of interoperability.


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IFAD signs agreement with Boeing

// 03-05-2015

IFAD TS A/S of Denmark has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Boeing Defense, Space & Security to pursue a range of business opportunities in software and simulation integration within the defense area.


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IFAD exhibits at ITEC'2014 in Cologne, Germany

// 30-04-2014

It is a pleasure to invite you to visit IFAD at the ITEC exhibition in Cologne, Germany. On display are our simulator solutions for Joint Distributed Mission-Critical Training. We are looking forward to seeing you for a presentation of our solutions or a live demonstration May 20-22 at Stand No. F154.


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CAE USA selects IFAD as preferred provider of MH-60R SEAHAWK training support services

// 13-08-2012

IFAD will be responsible for delivering a range of training support services in the training of Danish pilots and crews if Denmark selects the MH-60R Seahawk helicopter,


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IFAD provides Mission-Critical Team Training Solutions

// 26-03-2012

Simulation-based training and interoperability solutions focusing on mission-critical defense applications.


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IFAD celebrates 25 years anniversary

// 01-02-2012

"Thanks to all our customers and partners for their interest and support!"


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IFAD presents paper at NATO MSG-087 Conference

// 27-05-2011

IFAD presents paper about Live, Virtual & Constructive (LVC) simulator systems for training ground commanders.


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ITT and IFAD signs Teaming Agreement

// 03-12-2009

UK-Based ITT Defence Limited teams with IFAD to provide support for ITT's combat radios.


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Boeing and IFAD signs MOU about F/A-18 Super Hornet training

// 14-07-2009

Boeing and IFAD signs MOU to Advance Super Hornet Aircrew Training Computer Network.


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Success at ITEC

// 29-04-2009

Successful demonstration of IFAD and Arenalogic's fully integrated JTAC/Forward Air Controller and pilot training solution.


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New solution for pilot and FAC/JTAC training

// 18-02-2009

IFAD has signed a partnership agreement with Arenalogic to jointly provide cost-effective, deployable simulation-based training solutions for FAC and pilot training.


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SAAB and IFAD signs contract about Gripen training systems

// 12-11-2008

On August 26th 2009 SAAB and IFAD signed a contract about training systems for the Gripen NG fighter.


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IFAD delivers JSF engine software to Pratt&Whitney

// 30-05-2003

IFAD delivers breakthrough software to P&W's JSF F135 Propulsion System.


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