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The JTAC/FAC training solution, IFACTS, provided by IFAD has after evaluation by NATO's Formal Assessment Team achieved NATO's accreditation to be used for Close Air Support training of Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs).


  IFACTS NATO Accreditation


The solution is used by the Danish Army, Royal Danish Air Force and Special Forces.


The IFACTS solution is a mobile simulation system that supports JTAC training according to NATO STANAG procedures. It is used by JTACs for Close Air Support training and Artillery Observers for Call for Fire training. The solution operates with an Instructor station (F-INSTR).


IFACTS, as well as F-INSTR, is integrated with the Danish Air Force's comprehensive F-16 pilot simulator system called DART (Deployable Advanced Readiness Trainer). The total solution is used for basic training as well as for maintaining currency of professional pilots and JTACs.


The F.-INSTR instructor station is a comprehensive solution that provides:

  •  JTAC instructor station,
  • F-16 instructor station,
  • CGF to generate, execute and control scenarios,
  • Artillery Fire Direction Cell (FDC).


The complete solution works on standard protocols, and it interacts seamlessly with other systems, e.g. the DART pilot training solution, VBS3, Steelbeasts, INTS, and the Sitaware Battle Management system.


The system enables distributed simulation for joint cross-domain training. Integration with other systems is done using IFADs gateway solution, ISIMBridge.


Intercom and/or radio communication between systems is done by IFADs radio simulator solution IRAS Comm.