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New high-fidelity simulation solution for realistic F16 Pilot and FAC/JTAC Training.

New Solution for Pilot and FAC Training







IFAD, a leading provider of forward air controller training solutions (FAC/JTAC) have signed a partnership agreement with ArenaLogic, a leading provider of high-fidelity combat flight simulation solutions.

The partnership enables the two companies to jointly provide cost-effective, deployable simulation-based training solutions for FAC and pilot training. IFAD and Arenalogic expect the new FAC/Pilot training solution to have great potential in a promising market for realistic CAS combat training.

By combining the unique capabilities of IFADs forward air controller simulator (IFACTS) and Arenalogic's F16 flight simulator a solution has been created which enables military services to rehearse mission-critical training under realistic true-to-life situations.




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  New Solution for FAC and F16 Pilot Training

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