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Customer knowledge, quality solutions and competitiveness

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About us

IFAD is a Danish 30+ years old company located in Odense, Denmark. The company is 100 % privately owned. IFAD was founded on quality, technical excellence, and leadership. Building on 30+ years of innovation, IFAD assists companies and organizations world-wide in getting the best out of their human and mission critical training applications.

Focus on networked simulation

Dedicated focus on networked simulations has allowed us to move into various rapidly growing markets characterized by significant potentials. Through strategic R&D programs with leaders in the field our technological platform and products will be extended to meet future requirements and challenges from our customers. Today IFAD is the leading Danish provider of simulation-based training solutions with focus on mission-critical training to Defense. We are recognized as the preferred partner and have a strong long-term relationship to the Danish Defence. We provide training and interoperability solutions, customization, integration, maintenance and support to Danish as well as international military customers.

About our solutions

Our solutions are based on leading edge COTS simulation technology, proven in-house products and a solid experience achieved from many years of collaboration with our defense customers. Solutions include:


  • Distributed simulation & training solutions for Naval Tactical and SAR/NAV training, Close Air Support and        Call for Fire training, Radar and Radio Communications training.


  • Interoperability gateways enabling integration of Live, Virtual & Constructive (LVC) systems for distributed team training. Our gateway solutions include 'Simulator - Simulator' interoperability, 'Simulator - C2' integration, and 'Simulator-Sensor' system integration.


  • Radio communication interoperability solutions enabling Live&Virtual radio communication.


  • Link solutions for simulation-based communication, incl. Link11 and Link16.




IFAD is recognized as a very loyal, motivated and competent partner supplying quality solutions and products that meet or exceed our customers expectations.



Maintain a position as a leading international supplier of distributed simulation based training  solutions and simulator interoperability solutions.



Through customer satisfaction to be recognized as a preferred supplier bringing added value to our customers.


Our focus

Persistently seek to understand and be responsive to our customers’ needs; and continuously work to develop, advance and protect our technical excellence.


Customer knowledge, quality solutions and competitiveness is our focus!




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