// IFAD:

IFAD has delivered SAR/NAV training solution to the Royal Danish Navy for Search and Rescue training. Video available on our YouTube channel.

The SAR/NAV solution developed by IFAD is in operation at the Danish Naval Warfare Center at Naval Base Frederikshavn. Link to SAR/NAV video here.

More information is also available at the Naval Warfare Center's Facebook (in Danish) here.


SAR/NAV training at Naval Warfare Center


The SAR/NAV Trainer configuration delivered to the Naval Warfare Center includes 6 own ship cubicles, 2 Instructor stations, and INTS, Luciad Fusion Map, and Communication servers. Each own ship cubicle is configured with ECDIS, Conning and ARPA/Furuno 2117 consoles, and have three screen 3D visual look out.