// IFAD:

IFAD, being a partner in the NATO MSG project MSaaS, is looking forward to demonstrate: Individual Training Exercise “Resolute Action”, November 29 2017 at NATO Booth 2161


Resolute Action

Exercise “Resolute Action” is a fictional constructive individual training exercise of Maritime Interdiction and Coalition Fires. High-level training objective is to train the military decision making process. Key technologies in use are Cloud-based execution based on Docker container technology, and Simulation data exchange via HLA and DIS standards.



About MSaaS

‘Modelling & Simulation as a Service’ (MSaaS) is a new concept that includes service orientation and the provision of M&S applications via the as-a-service model of cloud computing to enable more composable simulation environments that can be deployed and executed on-demand.


Through a series of six demonstrations at I/ITSEC we will show how MSaaS is capable to deliver simulation whenever needed, bring simulation to wherever it is needed, with independence of location (class room, ship, theatre, etc.) and independence of device (PC, laptop, smartphone, C2/MC system, etc.), and with on-demand start of exercises.

Other demonstrations are: Portal & Registries, Virtual Immersive Training, UK approach, Multiple clouds, and Live Exercises.


We are looking forward to demonstrating this very interesting concept of ‘Modelling & Simulation as a Service’ for you.