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IFAD TS A/S of Denmark has delivered an emulated Harris RF-5800H-MP radio to the Danish Army. The delivery is a result of a follow-on contract awarded to IFAD by the Danish Defense. The emulated radio has been installed on the Danish Army's IRAS Radio Trainer. Previous deliveries to the army include emulated Harris 117F and Harris 152 radios.

IFAD TS, a leading provider of simulated radio communication training solutions has delivered a software emulated Harris RF-5800H-MP military radio to the Danish Armys signal school. The delivery is a result of a follow-on contract awarded to IFAD by the Danish Defense. The new radio as well as all previously delivered radios have been simulated with functionality as their real counterparts and installed on the Army's IRAS radio trainer. IRAS Trainer is a complete radio communications training solution provided by IFAD. It is in service at the Danish Army Signal School and the Royal Danish Navy Warfare Training center.

The delivery includes functions such as radio programming using communications planning application (CPA), near vertical incidence skywave (NVIS) HF communications, digital and analog voice modes, FIX mode communication, 3G communication (linking synchronous and asynchronous), 3G last dich voice (LDV) exchange and buffering, 3G link quality analysis (LQA), 3G E-mail exchange with Outlook, and encryption key handling.


All IRAS software emulated radios from IFAD are available in several versions, e.g. installed on the IRAS Trainer school house solution for operator and mission training purposes, or stand-alone versions on Laptops, PC's or tablets for basic operator training.


  Danish Army receives software emulated Harris radios from IFAD TS


IRAS Trainer configuration, including instructor station and four student stations with Harris 5800 radios.


Software emulated Harris RF-5800H-MP radio.