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IFAD TS A/S of Denmark has delivered an INTS simulation solution to CAE USA as part of the MH-60R Seahawk program for the Royal Danish Navy. The contract awarded by CAE included IFAD’s Naval Tactical Simulator (INTS).


Under a United States Navy foreign military sale program, Danish Defence has acquired nine U.S. Navy MH-60R SEAHAWK helicopters including an MH-60R mission operational flight trainer (MOFT).  The first three helicopters have arrived in Denmark, and during an event at Airbase Karup in August, the MH-60R helicopter simulator was officially handed over to Helicopter Wing Karup.


The MH-60R MOFT was developed and delivered by CAE USA. IFAD received a contract award from CAE to deliver an INTS simulation solution to be used in combination with CAE’s MH-60R MOFT, which is a full-motion simulator with crew positions for the pilot, tactics officer, and sensor operator. The INTS will be used for generation and execution of battlespace scenarios. The contract award to IFAD includes delivery of the INTS solution, development of additional functionality, and integration of INTS with the MH-60R MOFT instructor operator station.


 IFAD News - INTS delivered to CAE USA



IFAD’s Naval Tactical Simulator (INTS) is a cornerstone in IFADs tactical training simulation solutions. The INTS solution addresses the customer’s requirements for a powerful, flexible and scalable simulation solution dedicated to generating and executing a variety of complex battlespace scenarios. INTS is based on well-proven training and simulation concepts that over more than two decades have been developed and applied by the Royal Danish Navy at their Naval Warfare Center at Naval Base Frederikshavn.

INTS supports a wide range of protocols for integration with e.g. C2 and live systems, and other simulators. This makes it possible at a later stage to integrate the two simulator sites and hence conduct mission training, including helicopters as well as ships. IFAD is under contract to support and maintain the simulators at both training sites.



“We are excited about the partnership with CAE USA. This partnership represents a solid long-term business opportunity to IFAD where we have been given the opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading simulation and training companies”, said Benny Graff Mortensen, President and CEO of IFAD TS A/S. “It is a significant step forward in our strategy to become a leading provider of simulation-based military training solutions. The cooperation with CAE will help IFAD further develop its business in the defense related training segment”.


“We are pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with the U.S. Navy on the MH-60 Seahawk platform and support the Navy and Team Seahawk on the Denmark MH-60R program,” said Ray Duquette, President and General Manager, CAE USA.  “The Royal Danish Navy have received a truly world-class MH-60R training system complemented by technologies and capabilities developed in-country by companies such as IFAD TS A/S.  We look forward to pursuing future business opportunities with IFAD and supporting them in servicing the MH-60R simulator for the Royal Danish Navy.”




IFAD is the leading Danish provider of simulation-based training solutions with focus on mission-critical training. IFAD provides training and interoperability solutions, customization, integration, operation and support to Danish as well as international military customers.