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Danish Army has acquired a new version of IFACTS with significant new features to meet the Army’s demand for joint training of forward air controllers, forward observers, and pilots.

IFAD TS, a Danish provider of military simulation-based training solutions, has delivered a new version of IFACTS (the IFAD Forward Air Controller Training Solution) to the Danish Armed Forces. The new solution was delivered to the Danish Artillery Regiment in Varde. It is used in the Army's joint FAC, AO and Pilot training facility.

This delivery is a result of a follow-on contract that succeeds previous purchases of IFACTS licenses for the Army’s FAC training program. IFACTS is used at several sites including the Army Fire Support School, Army Combat School, and the Air Force Training Centre (AFTC). IFACTS is used for basic training and for currency training of Forward Air Controllers. In addition it is used for joint training of pilots and combat experienced FACs from TACPs and Special Forces (SOF).

The new delivery also includes features for training of forward observers (AO) in practising Call for Fire.

  IFACTS News Release - January 2013