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IFAD delivers IFACTS simulator to Danish Defense for realistic Close Air Support (CAS) training of TACP, SOF and pilots.

IFAD, a leading provider of forward air controller training solutions (FAC/JTAC) has delivered IFACTS (the IFAD Forward Air Controller Training Solution) to the Danish Defense. IFACTS was delivered to the Danish Army's Fire Support School for basic training as well as joint training of combat experienced FACs from TACP and SOF, and pilots.

The IFACTS solution is networked with the Army's JCATS system (Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation). Realistic training scenarios are generated and controlled by JCATS. Intercom and radio communication is handled by IRAS, a radio communications simulator provided by IFAD. With IFACTS forward air controllers exercise realistic true-to-life scenarios, including Convoy Escort, Show of Force, Talk-On, and Engagements. High and Low Level CAS procedures are rehearsed in all weather conditions, day or night.

IFACTS can either be used with the IFACTS 'Easy-to-Fly' aircraft controlled by the instructor; or with a real pilot in the loop controlling a flight simulator. IFACTS is fully integrated with the F16/ACT flight simulator already in use by the Danish Air Force. IFACTS provides for night and day CAS training in actual operating environments, and in all weather conditions.









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   IFAD delivers IFACTS to Danish Defense

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