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CAE USA expands Seahawk MH-60R simulator cooperation with Danish company IFAD TS A/S


Based on successful cooperation since 2015 CAE USA Inc. has chosen to extend cooperation with IFAD TS A/S as preferred subcontractor for COMS (In-country Contractor Operation and Maintenance Services) of the Seahawk MH-60R simulator.


Contractor Operation, Maintenance and Services contract.


In 2015, CAE USA Inc. chose IFAD TS as preferred subcontractor for COMS (In-country Contractor Operation and Maintenance Services) of the Seahawk MH-60R simulator on a five-year contract. Based on a successful cooperation CAE USA has awarded a new 5 years’ COMS contract to IFAD TS.


This contract is part of CAE USA’s industrial cooperation projects in Denmark approved by the Danish Business Authority (DBA).


The partnership with CAE USA represents a solid, long-term business opportunity to IFAD. We have the opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading simulation and training companies”, says IFAD TS President and CEO Benny Graff Mortensen.


IFAD TS and CAE USA have, in addition to the COMS collaborated on IFAD TS’ simulation product INTS (IFAD Naval Tactical Solution), which under a separate contract award was extended with special functionality and integrated into the Seahawk simulator. Furthermore, recently CAE USA has awarded IFAD TS yet another contract to extend it INTS product with further capabilities.


We are excited about the partnership with CAE USA Inc. as they provide key simulation technology that will be beneficial to Danish Defense”, says Benny Graff Mortensen. “The partnership with CAE USA is a major step forward in our strategy to become a leading provider of simulation-based military training solutions. This cooperation will help IFAD further develop its business in the defense related training segment and open up new markets for IFAD’s naval simulation products”.


About the Danish Maritime Helicopter program

Danish Defense has acquired new Ship-Based/Maritime MH-60R Seahawk helicopters. As part of the procurement package, Danish Defense also acquired a full-motion simulator for pilot and operator training purposes. CAE USA Inc., a subsidiary of CAE Inc. based in Montreal, Canada develops, manufactures and sells the MH-60R simulator.