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J-SAR, Joint SAR trainer


Joint Search and Rescue simulation solution for training JRCC personnel (SMC, OSC, ACO and SRU).

Joint Search And Rescue Trainer (J-SAR) is a training system in which rescue operations are trained in a simulated environment. J-SAR responds to a need from Joint Rescue Coordination Centres (JRCCs) or Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCCs) and focuses on the operational units or headquarters, carrying out rescue operations at sea, or in the air. 


J-SAR is for training of SAR Mission Coordinators (SMCs), pilots, personnel from Search and Rescue units, police and Home Guard and includes coordination of both Aeronautical and Maritime SAR operations in the Operations room. With J-SAR, all roles in the rescue centres’ situation rooms are trained so that operators can receive realistic training in planning, coordination and execution of rescue operations.


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