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Danish MOD, RDAF and Fighter Wing Skrydstrup (FW SKP) took delivery of a newly developed combined DART F-16 simulator and JTAC training capacity provided by IFAD and sub-contractor ArenaLogic.


The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO), the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) and Fighter Wing Skrydstrup (FW SKP) took delivery of a newly developed combined F-16 simulator and JTAC training capacity at the FW SKP on December 17th 2018. The complete training system consists of two F-16 simulators, one instructor station and two JTAC training systems, all combined in one deployable solution.



DALO, RDAF Air Staff and FW SKP have collaborated with IFAD and sub-contractor ArenaLogic in the efforts to develop a mobile advanced procedural trainer for F-16 pilots also known as the DART project (Deployable Advanced Readiness Trainer). The purpose of the project is to develop an operational and up-to-date F-16 simulator system that provides the best possible pilot training value, in a dynamic and controlled process. Based on existing IFAD and ArenaLogic products, the Armed Forces now have 2 advanced procedural trainers in networks and with the possibility to connect with JTAC and Air Control Wing (ACW) fighter controllers sitting 120 kilometers away. An option to expand to 4 DART F-16 simulators and 2 instructor stations in total with more advanced graphical dome-solutions is still in play.



  DART delivery to RDAF, FW SKP (>)



For FW SKP delivery of the new simulator capacity means that the pilots can train in a simulator that almost 100% reflects the live F-16 aircraft in the current RDAF Mid-Life-Update (MLU) configuration. They can train with the latest weapons systems available for the RDAF F-16 capacity, both Air-to-Air (A/A), Air-to-Ground (A/G) and sensor systems (Litening G4 TGPs etc.) including integration to real-life Forward-Air-Controllers (FAC/JTAC) and real-life Fighter Controllers (FC). This provides in total a very comprehensive pilot training capability to the RDAF/FW SKP pilots.



At the delivery ceremony several people from both Defence and industry attended, including Commander of FW SKP Col Holstener-Jørgensen (GUS) and capacity manager of the F-16 capacity center at DALO Mr. Peter Laustsen. Mr. Peter Laustsen is very satisfied with the project and stated: "In two years (Nov16-Dec18), IFAD, Arenalogic and the Danish Defence representatives have jointly developed a unique and complete simulator system adapted to the Danish F-16 configuration and then at a very competitive price".


During the delivery ceremony, a demonstration of the new simulator capacity took place. It showed all attendees that the training environment can support Danish F-16 pilots with very complex fighter mission scenarios. The solution will in the future also be linked up to other Danish simulation capacities situated at other places in Denmark. The demonstration was carried out as a two-ship A/G mission with the use of precision guided munitions, use of Link-16 and TGPs.


Col Holstener-Jørgensen was very pleased with his new F-16 simulator capacity and said: "The DART project has meant that it is now possible to use a simulator that is completely up-to-date on the software side and compatible to the F-16 aircraft that we use in the Danish Defence. The simulators allow us to train important tactics and procedures in a time-saving and inexpensive way in addition to the pilots’ actual flight training. With the new simulators, we can supplement the current training flights with scenarios and situations, which, during current live flights, would require disproportionate resources."


The DALO/RDAF/FW SKP took delivery of the DART F-16 simulator system as follows:

■ 2 F-16 MLU6.52/S1.1/L16 compatible systems (option for 2 more)

■ 1 F-INSTR Instructor station (option for one more)

■ 2 IFACTS FAC/JTAC training systems