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IFAD TS has released two solutions for training of Artillery Forward Observers in Call For Fire. Both solutions (IFACTS FO Station and FO Instructor) are extensions to IFADs existing forward air controller training solution IFACTS. IFACTS licenses including FO Station and FO Instructor were delivered to the Danish Army Artillery Regiment.

Forward Observer Training


FO Station

With the new IFACTS module FO Station 'Call for Fire' training takes place in a synthetic environment within which the Forward Observer (FO) can train and practise 'Call for Fire' procedures using simulated communications and simulated equipment. The FO Station operates seamlessly with other IFACTS applications, e.g. the FAC and Pilot station, to offer joint FAC and FO training, and with IFACTS Recording&Playback for After Action Review (AAR).

FO Instructor

In addition, the FO station operates with the FO Instructor solution. With FO Instructor the instructors can generate training scenarios based on 2D military maps and control scenarios during a training session.

Fire Direction Center (FDC)

FO Instructor also acts as Fire Direction Center (FDC) enabling the instructor to respond to one or more Forward Observers' 'Request for Fire', e.g. 'Adjust Fire' and 'Fire for Effect'. Voice communication between Forward Observers and the FDC is handled by IFADs simulated radio communication solution (IRAS Comm).
FO Instructor (the FDC) can operate with many Forward Observers and handle many Fire Missions simultaneously.


FO Instructor is also used in more complex training scenarios involving Forward Observers as well as Forward Air Controllers (FACs),  UAVs and pilots. In addition, the solution is interoperable with IFADs INTS and 3rd Party systems such as JCATS and VRForces (CGFs), Steelbeasts (armoured vehicle simulator), and Sitaware battle management system (BMS).


IFACTS FO Instructor (FDC) and Sitaware BMS             


In operation

Several licenses of FO station and FO Instructor were delivered to the Danish Army Artillery Regiment in September 2013 where they in combination with already delivered IFACTS solutions are used for training of forward observers. Each license is integrated with a battle management system from Systematic (Sitaware).

Classroom training with IFACTS FO Station and FO Instructor.