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Successful demonstration of IFAD and Arenalogic's fully integrated JTAC/Forward Air Controller and pilot training solution.

At ITEC 2009 IFAD and Arenalogic successfully demonstrated their combined pilot
(F16 ACT Air Combat Trainer) and the JTAC/FAC (IFACTS) training solution from IFAD.

During the event realistic Close Air Support missions were conducted by experienced FACs
and pilots using the integrated solution.

User feedback

Comments from combat experienced JTACs and pilots conducting talk-on's using the systems were:

  • "This is exactly as we do it in the real life",                                       
  • "Excellent training with a real pilot in the loop",
  • "I could feel the adrenaline like under a real mission".

Demonstration setup

The demonstration setup included two F16 pilots (in ACT simulators) and two FACs (in IFACTS simulators) operating in a CGF generated and controlled scenario with several aircraft, UAV, trucks, pick-up's, people and civilians. Pilots and FACs were operating in the same high-fidelity geo-specific terrain facing the same enemy threat. Day as well as night operations were rehearsed. Radio communication was handled with IFADs new radio simulation and communication solution (IRAS) integrated into all systems enabling pilots, FACs and other organisations to communicate simultaneously over several channels.