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IFAD has delivered a new IFACTS solution to the Danish Army's Fire Support and Combat School. The classroom solution supports joint training of Artillery Observers, Forward Air Controllers, and pilots in Call for Fire and Close Air Support procedures.

The IFACTS classroom solution includes FAC, FO and Pilot/UAV stations as well as Instructor and Fire Direction stations (FDC) and After Action Review (AAR). All IFACTS systems operate in a networked configuration, and they are integrated and used in conjunction with Battle Management systems (Sitaware). Interoperability is handled by ISimGW provided by IFAD. All users (FO, FAC, FDC, Pilot and Instructor) communicate via IFADs simulated radio communication solution IRAS.


New IFACTS features include an FO Instructor/FDC module, more simulated equipment, additional capabilities for night training, pilot station enhancements, many new 3D military models, improved After Action Review module,and 3D Trajectories. The FDC module operates with military 2D maps and APP6B symbols. The FO Instructor station has features for creation, insertion and control of entities; the FDC provides commands for practicing Call for Fire, e.g. Adjust Fire, Fire for Effect, selection of Gun Lines and rounds, Time on Target, and more.

  IFACTS - Joint CAS and Call for Fire training - News release