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IFAD TS and Arenalogic Aps provides new F-16 simulator training center to RDAF Fighter Wing Skrydstrup.

New RDAF Fighter Wing Skrydstrup integrated training center

IFAD TS A/S and Arenalogic Aps provides a new F-16 simulator training center to Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) Fighter Wing Skrydstrup. The training system consists of F-16 DART flight simulators, IFACTS JTAC/FAC simulators and F-INSTR F-16 & JTAC instructor stations.


The DART solution (Deployable Advanced Readiness Trainer) will be delivered to RDAF under a contract awarded to IFAD as main contractor with Arenalogic as subcontractor.


The DART solution, scheduled to finish by the end of 2018, will deliver of a complete solution that enables Air-to-Air as well as Air-to-Ground pilot and JTAC training. It will provide additional training value in respect to both Air Force training and Combined/Joint tactical training, incl. Advanced tactical training with latest weaponry etc., Integration with FAC/JTAC teams during training, Advanced scenario generation, execution & monitoring, and Direct instructor interaction.


http://www.ifad.dk/Files/Billeder/Tools/IFAD/Pdf%20button.png DART F-16 JTAC/FAC training solution


For further information, please contact Marketing and Sales Director Henrik Fabricius at Henrik.Fabricius@ifad.dk

or +45 6311 8891, or info@ifad.dk.