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IFAD, a leading provider of simulation and training solutions for defence forces worldwide, delivers an IRAS radio simulation solution, adaptation and support to QinetiQ. The solution is used as the primary radio simulation at the DSALT ABTC training centre, RAF Waddington, UK.


IFAD, a leading provider of simulation and training solutions for defence forces worldwide, is very proud to announce that we have provided an IRAS delivery to QinetiQ.


 IFAD QinetiQ News release


September 2015

After going through a down selection process, the IFAD Radio Simulation Solution (IRAS) was chosen to be used in a communication suite for the conduct of distributed training exercises. Distributed Synthetic Air Land Training (DSALT), conducted at the Air Battlespace Training Centre (ABTC) at RAF Waddington is now using IRAS as its primary radio simulation. DSALT is one of the world’s foremost distributed simulation and training programmes for team and collective training. The IRAS is supporting over 40 communication stations, which allow for simultaneous usage on 24 different channels. In addition, IRAS enables communication with two other existing communication systems at the same site. The whole communication solution is based on the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol. The full delivery provides the IRAS product as well as facility adaptation and product support until late 2019.


QinetiQ presentation of DSALT at ABTC, RAF Waddington (Feb 16, 2012).


About IRAS

IRAS is a complete family of radio simulation solutions that fulfill the needs for effective and realistic radio operator training, communications procedure training and rehearsal of complex communications scenarios. The IRAS product suite is designed to provide both realistic communication, equipment operation as well as communication experience. IRAS includes solutions for training as well as voice communication in realtime training simulators. IFAD has delivered 400+ IRAS solutions to military as well as civilian customers worldwide, incl. UK, Singapore, Germany, and Denmark.



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