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JTAC and FO Instructor Overview


F-INSTR Component - JTAC, FO Instructor


Offers functionality for creation, execution and control of comprehensive scenarios, to enable mission-critical training in areas such as:


  • JTAC/FAC training scenarios (for training Close Air Support procedures, TTPs),
  • Artillery Observer training (for training Call for Fire procedures), and
  • Pilot training (Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground scenarios).




Main features

  • Creation of very realistic scripted scenarios
  • Utilizing 2D maps
  • Creation of terrain and training ranges
  • Visualization of entities and their behavior
  • Visualization of significant events


  • Day and night operations
  • Time, weather, precipitation


  • Creation and control of clients 
  • JTACs, FOs, Pilots, UAVs
  • Creation of observation posts


  • Air, land, sea entities
  • Entity behavior
  • Routes and plans
  • People, vehicles, aircraft, helicopters, UAVs
  • War ships, vessels


  • Create, modify, and save scenarios
  • Import/Export of complete scenarios
  • Includes targets and fire support measures.