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Enabling Distributed Simulation

The IFAD SIM Gateway (ISIMGW) is a proven simulator networking platform with a suite of gateways and filtering solutions that enables live, virtual and constructive (LVC) systems to actively participate in distributed simulation exercises. ISIMGW enables rapid integration of simulation assets into distributed simulation environments. It is used to link live systems and simulators into integrated test beds, training environments and distributed simulation exercises.




ISIMGW - Gateways and filtering solutions


  • ISIM Bridge (DIS,HLA, LINK-16)
  • ISIM C2 Gateway (SitaWare C2 SimGW)
  • ISIM Monitor



Rapid integration

Application areas

  • Joint multi-role scenarios including Land, Air and Naval simulators.
  • Integrated training environments including CMS, C2, sensor & weapons simulators,

     and scenario generators.

  • Distributed simulation between warfare training centers, training ranges and test sites
  • LVC: Live, Virtual & Constructive training environments.




  • Short integration time
  • Platform and protocol independent interface
  • Multiple protocols (DIS and HLA and various FOM’s)
  • Platforms (Windows).


Industrial Standards

ISIMGW uses the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA) standards for run-time scenario data exchange.




ISIMGW is in operation at several sites at the Danish Army, Air Force and Navy.


ISIMGW is integrated with

  • VBS3
  • e-Sim Steel Beasts armoured vehicle simulator (>>)
  • INTS Naval Tactical Trainer (>>)
  • F-INSTR F-16, JTAC, FO and Ao Instructor, FDC and CGF (>>)
  • IFACTS - JTAC, FO and AO simulator (>>)
  • F-16 ACT Flight simulator
  • DART - F-16 flight simulator
  • CAE MH-60R helicopter simulator
  • and more ....









  ISIM Monitor Product Sheet (>)

  ISIM Bridge Product Sheet (>)

  ISIM Gateway, Sitaware C2 GW (>)




  • Industrial, open standards
  • Distributed simulation
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Proven technology


  • HLA 1516-2010 (Evolved)
  • HLA 1516-2000
  • HLA 1.3
  • RPR 2 draft 17 (modular and monolithic)
  • Several RTI's
  • DIS version 6 (IEEE 1278.1a-1998)

Upon request:

  • Other FOM versions
  • Older DIS versions


  • Simulator-Simulator integration
  • Simulator-C2 integration
  • Simulator-Sensor feeds