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CGF Overview


F-INSTR Component - CGF


The CGF creates and controls entities (air, land, and sea), and provides functionality for defining their behavior, routes and plans. The solution has a very intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Creation of scenarios is done in a very efficient time-saving manner.



Example scenario: Geo-specific terrain with blue and red forces, other entities and routes




Main features

  • Creation and control of clients  
  • JTACs, FOs, AOs, Pilots, UAVs


  • Creation of very realistic scripted scenarios
  • Utilizing 2D maps
  • Entities (air, land and sea)
  • Routes and plans, behavior


  • Create, modify and save scenarios
  • Import/Export of complete scenarios
  • Including targets and fire support measures


  • Visualization of entities and their behavior
  • Visualization of significant events