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Fire Direction Center overview


F-INSTR Component - FDC


Fire Direction Center (FDC) with comprehensive functionality.

FDC computes firing data and delivers indirect fire based on Fire Missions received from Artillery Observers.



Fire for Effect


Smoke Vector




  • Computes firing data, (fire direction) for the guns.
  • Determines target location based on the observer's location
  • Computes range and direction to the target from the guns' location
  • Records friendly and enemy positions
  • Supports fire missions from several Artillery Observers simultaneosly

Fire Missions

  • Complete range of fire missions
  • Normal, Polar, UTM Polar,
  • Line, Smoke Line, Smoke Vector
  • Adjust Fire, Fire for Effect
  • Time on Target
  • Patterns: Rectangular, Circle, Converge


  • Wide selection of weapons
  • Artillery pieces,
  • Guns, mortars, MLRS
  • Wide selection of ammunition
  • Smoke and illumination