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Simulated Naval Battle Space

The Naval Tactical Simulator (INTS) is a powerful, flexible and scalable system dedicated to generation and execution of realistic naval battle space scenarios, including surface, subsurface, air and land entities, as well as naval sensors and tactical weapon systems, tactical data link, communications and environmental conditions. INTS even enables integration and filtering of live tracks into the synthetic environment through multiple live or recorded data feeds such as e.g. AIS and ARPA. INTS is designed for naval warfares and naval operations, and is based on 25+ years instructor experience at the Royal Danish Navy Warfare School.





Live, Virtual &Constructive (LVC)

INTS supports a wide range of protocols and standards for integration of live equipment, virtual and constructive simulations as well as C2, C4I and Combat Management Systems. The LVC capability makes INTS ideal for naval training, concept development and experimentation as well as distributed simulation exercises.






Naval Tactical Training

INTS is a cornerstone in IFADs Naval Tactical Trainer and C-Sim Training and Simulation solutions. However, the LVC capabilities enables a wide range of opportunities to tailor training simulators through integration and stimulation of existing systems. As the IFAD Naval Tactical Trainer is combined with live as well as emulated systems it is a perfect training tool for all levels, from basic operator training through part task training to command team training.

The IFAD Naval Tactical Simulator (INTS) is based on well-proven training and simulation concepts that have been developed and applied over more than two decades to meet naval officers’ training needs in naval warfare and the various complex weapon systems on board modern navy ships. The tactical trainer covers a wide range of training areas from operator training through part task training to command team training.

C-Sim is an integrated naval tactical trainer environment based on INTS and the C-Flex Command & Control System. C-Sim is designed for naval training centers, integrated onboard training and simulation as well as distributed ship to ship and ship to shore training exercises. More about C-Sim here.




Distributed Simulation

INTS supports several industrial standards, including Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA). For linking the INTS with other simulator systems or training sites see INTS Gateway.




The comprehensive INTS solution includes


Basic configuration

  • INTS Server
  • INTS Instructor


Additional modules

  • INTS Tactical Console
  • INTS Tactical Display
  • INTS 3D Visualization System (incl. visual terrain databases and 3D models)
  • INTS Radar Simulator
  • INTS Link-11 Simulator (incl. INTS Link-11 Instructor)



Examples of naval training accomplished with INTS


  • Fleet and tactical manoeuvring procedures, including

     torpedo countermeasures and anti-ship missile defence manoeuvres.

  • Command candidate preparation and evaluation
  • Maritime Interdiction Operations
  • Armed Escort Operations
  • Helicopter launch and recovery procedures
  • Basic to advanced navigation and piloting skills, including swept/mined channel transits.
  • Basic to advanced Rule of the Road and collision avoidance training.
  • Navy escort to merchant shipping
  • Naval gunfire support.
  • Close air support operations 

INTS can be applied to the complete spectrum of maritime training requirements.




INTS in International Exercises

INTS, as a Maritime Scenario Generator, has taken part in a number of international exercises. 


  • NetOpFue Exercise, Germany, Denmark
  • CWIX exercises, NATO (since 2010)
  • IKE SG-FST GC, USA, Germany, Denmark


  • Pitch Booster Demo Cloud








   INTS Hand out (>)

   INTS in Brief - 7-pager (>)


   INTS Naval Tactical simulator (>)
   INTS (Naval Team Denmark Flyer) (>)


   Danish Navy Warfare Center overview (>)



  • Fleet manouvering
  • Tactical manouvering
  • Torpedo countermeasures
  • Anti-ship missile defense
  • Maritime interdiction
  • Escort operations
  • Helicopter operations
  • Naval Gunfire Support






Instructor functions

  • Simulation management
  • Vehicle management
  • Recording and playback management
  • Library management
  • Patterns management
  • Monitor functions
  • Navigational management
  • Vectors
  • Radar/emitter management
  • Weapon management
  • Communication setup & monitoring
  • Link setup and management


Features & Configurations

  • 12 independent simulated worlds (games)
  • 12 simulated own ships
  • 8 external own ships
  • 5000 vehicles
  • 60 voice communication channels per game
  • 10 instructor/debriefing stations




  • Navy Warfare Center (RDN), Tactical Trainer
  • RDN Naval Warfare Center, SAR/NAV Trainer
  • Danish Naval Home Guard, SAR/NAV Trainer


  • CAE USA, CGF for Seahawk Helicopter simulator
  • PT Len Indonesia, Naval warfare training center
  • Terma, C-Flex Simulation Solution (C-Sim)