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NATO & US Accredited

JTAC, AO and Forward Observer training solution


IFACTS is a deployable, PC-based system for training and practicing Call for Fire as well as Close Air Support procedures, providing a synthetic environment within which the JTAC and FO can rehearse missions using simulated communications and simulated equipment. The IFACTS solution can be established either in the classroom environment or it can be deployed.


All-In-One solution


  • IFACTS is delivered as an All-In-One solution with JTAC, FO, Pilot, FDC (Fire Direction Cell) and Instructor modules. It can be used stand-alone or networked, and via HLA/DIS it can be used in conjunction with other systems.


  • IFACTS integrates with several other simulators as well as training and battle management systems, and thereby establishes a strong foundation for complex joint training scenarios.


  • IFACTS supports the increased focus on Joint Operations and enables the user to train a variety of Joint Operation scenarios.


Simulated equipment

Equipment includes GPS, ground laser target designators, laser range finders, binoculars, NVG, compass, thermal equipment and ROVER, and much more ....

Pilot-in-the Loop

The system can either be used with the IFACTS ’Easy-to-Fly’ aircraft controlled by the instructor; or with a real pilot-in-the-loop controlling a flight simulator, e.g. DART, F16/ACT; or in a combination. The IFACTS solution can be used stand-alone or networked, either in a local configuration or geographically distributed with pilots and JTACs operating at different sites. IFACTS is fully integrated with the DART F16/ACT flight simulator already in use by the Danish Air Force.

Train and sustain CFF and CAS skillsets

The IFACTS training solution helps military services to cope with a growing demand for mission ready ground commanders. The solution improves JTAC and FO proficiency, cooperation skills and performance. It will increase training effectiveness, and reduce operational costs, impact on environment and reliance on weather. 





All-In-One solution

The IFACTS solution is delivered as an All-In-One solution comprising the following modules. During start-up the user chooses which role to play.


  • Forward Air Controller station (JTAC)
  • Artillery Observer station (FO)
  • Pilot station
  • Instructor station
  • Fire Direction Center (FDC)


  • Logging and After Action Replay module
  • IRAS Radio Communication module
  • DIS/HLA Gateway.


IFACTS can be delivered with a reduced number of modules upon request.




Low-Risk solution

The IFACTS solution makes use of standard technology and COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) thereby providing for flexibility, scalability and low-risk to the customers.



Joint Close Air Support (CAS) or Call For Fire training (CFF)

The IFACTS solution is based on HLA and DIS interoperability protocols. This enables you to have several JTAC and FO stations and/or pilot stations working together simultaneously in a distributed network configuration. IFACTS can also be used in a networked configuration with 3rd party solutions.


IFACTS works with several 3rd party solutions including flight simulators, such as DART and F-16/ACT), VBS3, armoured vehicle simulators (Steel Beasts), battle management systems (Sitaware), and battlefield simulators (CGF’s), e.g. VRForces, JCATS and INTS.

The IFACTS solution works via DIS with VBS3 where the IFACTS' AO-Instructor is used as Fire Direction Center (FDC) to define scenarios, and set up and control fire missions based on input from the observers.


The solution has also been integrated with Saab's Gripen Mission Trainer by using Saab's Widely Integrated Systems Environment (WISE) integration platform. Both systems use the same database, so both observer and pilot see the same terrain but from different viewpoints.



Battle field simulator

The IFACTS solution is networked with the JCATS system (Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation). Realistic training scenarios are generated and controlled by JCATS. Intercom and radio communication is handled by IRAS, a radio communications simulator provided by IFAD.


Intercom & Radio Communication

Intercom & Radio communication is handled by IRAS, a radio communications simulator provided by IFAD.



IFACTS has achieved a NATO as well as US accreditation.


IFACTS delivered to the Danish Army Fire Support School for basic JTAC training as well as joint training of combat experienced JTACs from TACP, SOF and pilots.


IFACTS version including two new modules for training Call for Fire (FO Station and F-INSTR) delivered to the Danish Army Artillery Regiment for training of Forward Observers.


IFACTS solutions integrated with the Army's Sitaware battle management systems.


IFACTS solution is networked with the Army’s JCATS system (Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation). Realistic training scenarios are generated and controlled by JCATS.


IFACTS is operational at several sites in Denmark, including Army, Air Force and Special Forces. IFACTS solutions are networked allowing for distributed Close Air Support (CAS) training with JTACs and Pilots located at different places in Denmark.


Complete solution including IFACTS observer stations, F-INSTR instructor stations and F16 simulators delivered to AFTC (Air Force Training Centre) for training Close Air Support procedures (CAS).


Complete F-16 solution (DART) with several IFACTS JTAC stations, F-16/ACT pilot stations,  F-INSTR instructor stations and IRAS communication stations delivered to the Royal Danish Air Force (FW SKP) for Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground training.





  IFACTS FAC/JTAC trainer (>)
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  • Deployable solution
  • Call for Fire training
  • JTAC training
  • Pilot-in-the-Loop
  • Day and Night training
  • Training in current operative environments
  • HLA/DIS interoperability





  • JTAC station
  • Pilot station
  • FO station
  • FO Instructor
  • Fire Direction Center (FDC) 
  • Logging&Replay (AAR)
  • Geo-specific terrain
  • Radio communication & Intercom
  • CAS and CFF scenarios


  • VRForces (CGF)
  • INTS Naval Tactical System (CGF)
  • SteelBeasts (armoured vehicle sim.)
  • Sitaware (battle management system)
  • DART (F-16 flight simulator)
  • ACT (F-16 flight simulator)
  • Gripen NG (flight simulator)



"IFACTS enables us to train and educate oiur students in the classroom in a realistic life like environment prior to their live fire exercises. It saves us crusial resources, and at the same time creates a firm foundation for evaluation of the individual students' abilities in respect to act as FAC and/or AO in the future. We are very happy with the solution", Army Combat and Fire Support Centre and Danish Defence officials states.