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F-16 Instructor Overview


F-INSTR Component: F-16 Instructor


The F-INSTR F-16  Instructor component creates, executes and controls scenarios for F-16 simulators. It is used for training of pilots in Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground operations. The solution offers a comprehensive functionality including LINK-16 capability and functionality for weapon load-outs. The solution integrates with Air Control units, and it operates seamlessly with other F-INSTR components, such as the JTAC, FO Instructor, the Fire Direction Center, and the CGF. Hence, complex and challenging training situations can be created. The F-INSTR F-16 Instructor is an integrated part of the DART solution:


DART (Deployable Advanced Readiness Trainer) Training solution

The DART solution at FW SKP is a configuration with several F-16 DART flight simulators and F-16 F-INSTR instructor stations for multi-ship Air-to-Air training. In addition, it includes IFACTS JTAC training stations for Air-to-Ground training and an artillery Fire Direction Center. Radio communication is provided by the IRAS solution, and interoperability and cross-domain training is enabled by the ISIM Bridge. The DART solution has been in operation at the Danish F-16 Fighter Wing FW SKP for several years.









F-INSTRs F-16 Instructor component used as instructor station in DART pilot training solution.