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IRAS - Radio Simulation & Intercom system


Providing Training Value to our Customers


IRAS is a software based radio simulation system. It is developed to be used for voice communication between computers on a Local Area Network. IRAS is intended for training and exercises in real-time simulators by simulating transmitting and receiving radios. IRAS is useful in both defense and civilian areas.


IRAS has been developed in close cooperation with the Danish Defense and been in operation for all services for more than 10 years. The radio simulation is based on open standards and protocols which makes it easy to integrate in simulation environments. But it will also operate perfectly well in its own environment. It fulfills the radio communication needs for all services in the military simulation domain ranging from small scale set-ups to hundreds of communication stations. Each communication station provides communication for a single simulator operator.



IRAS solutions overview


The IRAS family consists of the standard solutions  IRAS PRO, IRAS PRO_Navy and IRAS PRO_Army;

and  IRAS Customized that are solutions tailored to meet specific user requirements.




A generic COTS communication solution with a simplistic set up and focus on a smooth communication experience. IRAS PRO is a standard solution that is useful for all services, incl. Army, Navy, Air Force and SOF.


Please note. IRAS PRO is a packaging of software components previously marketed as IRASComm and IRASCommPanel (IRAS Communication station); and IRASInstructor (IRAS Instructor station). Depending on the user's need an IRAS PRO solution can be configured with a number of IRAS Communication stations and Instructor stations.



The figures below illustrates the flexibilty of IRAS PRO with multiple communication and instructor stations.


IRAS PRO_Navy (>)

A standard domain specific enterprise level communication solution for instructor led crews in a Navy simulator environment. IRAS PRO_Navy is a communication solution with an IRAS Server which allows for an easy configuration and updating of the installation, and special designed communication panels and instructor interface. IRAS PRO_Navy is dedicated for navy simulation.


IRAS PRO_Army (>)

IRAS PRO_Army is a standard communication solution specifically aimed at the simulators for the Army domain. It is based on IRAS PRO but extended with an IRAS Server that allows for an easy configuration and updating of the installation. IRAS PRO_Army has the capability to integrate with other simulators, such as Steel Beasts.



IRAS Customized solutions (>)

The following IRAS solutions are customized in close cooperation with the customers which utilize these:


  • Army communication solution with JCATS (>)
  • Naval training solution for SAR/NAV
  • Naval radio operator training solution (>)
  • Integration in an F-16 simulation environment and Forward Observer/JTAC
  • Integration in a tank platoon simulator environment
  • Integration in the Eurofighter simulator


For such customized solutions our IRAS Solution Architect Team will need a dialogue with you, the customer, to understand your needs. As IRAS is designed to be flexible and adaptable and we feature an agile development environment we will be able to fulfill your needs fast and reliable. 



If you prefer, you can also do the customization yourself. Through the IRAS application programming interface (the IRAS API) you can utilize the many radio simulation features supplied by IRAS. For more information please contact IFAD.


IRAS - Reliable, Flexible and Scaleable


Please feel free to contact IFAD for more information about our radio simulation solutions. We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements in order to find the right solution for you.






IRAS is a communication solution that is useful in defense as well as civilian domains.



  • IRAS PRO - general purpose
  • IRAS PRO_Navy -  server based
  • IRAS PRO_Army -  server based
  • IRAS Customized - user defined


Danish customers

  • Danish MOD (DALO)
  • Royal Danish Navy Warfare Center (TAC)
  • Danish Army (HTR)
  • Danish Army (JDR)
  • Danish Air Force (FW SKP)
  • Danish Air Force (OSW Karup)
  • Danish SOF
  • Danish Defence Academy


International customers

  • Qinetiq (DSALT)
  • Babcock
  • Airbus DS (Eurofighter)
  • German Air Force
  • Kenyan Navy
  • ST Electronics


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Evaluation license available upon request



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