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IRAS Customized solutions overview


Flexible and extensible communication solutions


Our system is designed to be flexible and extensible. In case our standard solutions do not fully fit your requirements we can tailor a solution to match your needs. Maybe you just need a simple feature to be added or maybe your require a special integration. In any case our experienced IRAS Solution Architect Team will be happy to design a customized solution for you.


Our IRAS system already contains more features and capabilities than revealed in our standard solutions. These features and capabilities have been developed based on specific user needs and are deployed in existing customized solutions.


Additional features and capabilities


The following non-exhaustive list gives an impression of possibilities currently contained in the IRAS system:


  • Radio sharing, two or more operators sharing one or more radios
  • Server application enterprise deployment (Webstart)
  • Specific hardware solutions (SerialPort/USB PTT)
  • Integration with real live radios
  • Remote control API (Application Programming Interface) for 3rd party development
  • Integrate IRAS with your existing applications or into a new designed applications
  • Radio operator training on multiple specific radios, where communication is dependent on correct radio operating.
  • Selected multiple software emulated radios (here >)
  • Selected multiple communication panel layouts (here >)
  • Recording and playback
  • Spoofing/Jamming
  • Terrain profile dependency


For advanced radio simulation features please see the box 'Special features' to the right.


Development of communication panels and emulation of radios


If you have specific requirements for user interface interaction with IRAS, whether it is via communication panels or software emulated radios, we can offer customization of our existing solutions or we can develop new user interfaces to meet your requirements. We can offer emulation of real radios to a level of detail as required by you.


A list of selected communication control panels layouts is available (here >), and a list of selected software emulated radios developed for our customers is availabe (here >). These radios have been developed for our customers to meet their requirements for an almost perfect and complete functionality.



If you have your communication requirements ready please feel free to contact us. The important thing for IFAD is to have a clear understanding of your requirements in order to customize the right solution for you.






Use Cases

  • SAR/NAV for naval simulator
  • Army solution with JCATS (>)
  • Naval Radio Trainer (TAC) (>)
  • Tank Trainer Solution (JDR)
  • QinetiQ DSALT2
  • DART F-16 simulator (API)
  • Airbus Eurofighter Flight simulator (API)



Special features

  • Dependency of radio specific characteristics
  • Antenna height and transmission power
  • Squelch (Noise, Tone and digital)
  • Modem communication
  • DSC (Digital Selective Calling) (ITU-R M.493)
  • Crypto
  • HF, VHF, UHF
  • SatCom
  • HaveQuick
  • Automatic Link Establishment (3G ALE)
  • AM and FM modulation
  • Digital data transfer
  • Analog and digital voice


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