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IRAS Naval Radio Trainer

Naval Base Frederikshavn (Royal Danish Navy)


Realistic equipment with realistic communication experience


An operator in the IRAS Naval Radio Trainer is assigned a rack of communication equipment and placed somewhere in the world. Now he/she must configure the communication equipment correctly to fulfill his/her role in the exercise. With the correct set up of the equipment, the operator can get in contact with fellow operators and communication can take place. Prior to execution of an exercise, an instructor has defined the exercise or loaded one from a library. Defining an exercise includes determining which devices are assigned to which operators, how is this equipment interconnected, and where are the operators located.  


The main goals for the IRAS Naval Radio Traner is to give the operator easy acces to hands on experience. Another benefit is to give the operator the ability to perform operations that cannot be made on live equipment, e.g. to send a  DISTRESS call from GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) radio.