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IRAS PRO_Army overview


An army specific enterprise level server based solution


IRAS PRO_Army is a dedicated communication training solution for the army domain. The solution is an extension of the IRAS PRO solution. The solution is extended with an IRAS Server.


The figure below shows an example of an IRAS PRO_Army installation with 7 communication stations controlled by 1 instructor.



The operators will be provided with the same IRAS PRO communication panel, and the instructors will use the IRAS Generic instructor interface. Furthermore, the IRAS Pro_Army take advantage of the IRAS server benefits like easy software updating, easy configuration and options for sharing frequencies/channels.



Server benefits


Software maintenance

The software used on both all instructor stations and all communication stations are automatically distributed from the IRAS Server. A new version of the software is easily installed on the IRAS Server. When an instructor or communication station is started, the new software will automatically be downloaded to the computer. As a system administrator you save a lot of time by avoiding to update every IRAS station manually.


Configuration maintenance

The IRAS Server is hosting all communication station configuration. In a large simulation environment it is of great benefit to have the configuration stored in on place. When configuration changes have to be made, you don’t have to visit every involved communication station. On the IRAS Server individual station configurations, configurations for groups of stations or global settings that apply to all stations can be defined. The configuration settings could be like the network card or the sound card that should be used.


Advanced features

An IRAS Server solution makes it possible for communication stations to share radio frequencies. In that case only one communication station can transmit on a given frequency at a time.



Interconnection with eSim Games' tank simulator Steel Beasts


The Steel Beasts connection must be purchased separately. The role played by the operator in Steel Beasts can affect which radio and intercom channels will be available in his communication panel. If the operator leaves one vehicle and enters another vehicle in the Steel Beast exercise, IRAS will notice and ensure that the operator from now on shares the radios and intercom channels defined in his new vehicle.


IRAS supports advanced features controlled from Steel Beasts instructor such as damaging radios and controlling recording of exchanged radio messages. With a Steel Beasts connection you can choose to let range dependencies affect the radio communication. To each frequency band HF, VHF and UHF you can define a maximum range. When the communication operators approach the limit, the quality of the signal will decrease, become more noisy, and in the end the radio connection will be lost.


IRAS PRO_Army can also be used without a Steel Beasts connection, in which case the radios will use perfect conditions with no range limits and will not be attached to specific Steel Beasts entities/vehicles.











  • Danish Army (Oksboel Barracks)
  • Danish Army officer academy
  • Danish Army (JDR)


  • Easy software maintenance
  • Easy configuration management
  • Possibility to share channels/frequencies
  • Base for advanced features in customized solutions


  • DIS version 4, 5, 6 and 7


  • Integration with the tank simulator Steel Beasts.

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