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J-SAR Search and Rescue (SRU) cubicles




Search and Rescue (SRU) personnel operate in cubicles using systems that are available in either desktop or console configurations.


Each SRU desktop station (or console) represents one own ship with its own maneuvering control, including Touch Input Displays (TID's), radio communication simulation and intercom systems.


Example of J-SAR SRU station in desktop configuration



Example of J-SAR SRU station in console configuration


Photo: Royal Danish Navy Warfare Training Center, Search and Rescue department




An SRU cubicle includes:


  • Desktop workstations
  • Monitors
  • Maneuvering / Conning unit
  • 3D Visualization system
  • Radio communications
  • Intercom
  • VHF radio





  • Multiple own ships
  • Joint or indvidual exercises
  • Realistic environments
  • Visual navigation
  • Optical identification
  • Binocular functions


Large 3D model library


Moving assets

  • Civilian ships
  • War ships
  • Air planes
  • Helicopters


Land/Cultural objects

  • Bouys
  • Lighthouses (color, frequency)
  • Windmills
  • Churches
  • Sea chart reference points


Customer-specific 3D models


3D visual effects 

  • Smoke
  • Signal flags
  • Wind introduced waves
  • Low and high clouds
  • Perception (Clear, Rain, Hail, Snow)
  • Visibility