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C-SIM Naval Training Solution



C-Sim overview



C-SIM is designed for naval training centers, integrated on-board training as well as ship to ship or ship to shore distributed exercises. The C-SIM training and simulation solution is an integrated naval tactical trainer environment based on the IFAD Naval Tactical Trainer (INTS) and the C-Flex Command & Control system from Terma.


From basic operator training to command team training

C-SIM is a powerful, flexible and scalable training solution based on well-proven training concepts that have been developed and applied over more than two decades to meet naval officer's needs for advanced naval warfare training. C-SIM has been developed in close cooperation between the Royal Danish Navy, Terma and IFAD.



Combining live and emulated systems

The concepts and the simulation models have been maintained and expanded over the years. The IFAD Naval Tactical Trainer is however based on modern state of the art technology and leading edge COTS software and hardware products. As the IFAD Naval Tactical Trainer is combined with live as well as emulated systems it is a perfect training tool for all levels, from basic operator training through part task training to command team training.






Multiple levels of training



  • Basic operator training
  • Procedural training
  • Team coordination
  • Communication












C-Sim is part of the C-Series Naval Command & Control system provided by Terma. The C-Sim solution is being distributed by Terma.

More information about C-Sim at Terma Naval Solutions here.