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ISIM Bridge


Bridging and filtering DIS , HLA and Link-16


The ISIM Bridge provides bidirectional bridging for DIS, HLA and Link-16 based simulation networks. The ISIM Bridge supports DIS-DIS, HLA-HLA as well DIS-HLA bridging. Each side of the bridge is individually configurable with respect to DIS and HLA settings as well as physical network interface.


The ISIM Bridge is based on the ISIM Monitor with a modern Windows look and feel and a situation display with map layers and military symbols, entity tables and expanded entity panes. 




Link-16 - Link-16

Gateway between Link-16 exercises.



Gateway between DIS exercises including DIS broadcast, multicast and unicast protocol translation.


The DIS-DIS bridge is ideal for connecting DIS simulations through routers and firewalls, connecting DIS simulators through Wide Area Networks or as a unicast-unicast application level firewall in boundary protection solutions.

The DIS-DIS bridge supports SISO Link-11 and Link-16 BOM extensions in addition to the standard DIS PDU’s.



Gateway between HLA federations including different HLA versions, RTI’s and RPR FOM 2 variants. 


The HLA-HLA bridge is ideal for connection HLA federations using different FOM variants, HLA versions or RTI’s. 



Gateway between DIS exercises and HLA.


The DIS-HLA bridge provides seamless integration of DIS systems with HLA federations including the configuration options available for the DIS and HLA. 





   ISIM Bridge Product Sheet (>)



  • LINK-16 - LINK-16

Supported PDUs

  • Entity State, Environmental Entity
  • Fire, Detonation
  • Start/Resume, Stop/Freeze, Acknowledge
  • Electromagnetic Emission, Radar, Jammer, IFF
  • Designator
  • Transmitter, Receiver, Signal




  • HLA 1516-2010 (evolved)
  • HLA 1516-2000
  • HLA 1.3
  • RPR2 draft 17 (modular and monolithic)
  • Several RTI's
  • DIS version 6 (IEEE 1278.1a-1998)


  • Intel Core i3 or better
  • GPU: OpenGL 2.0, 512 MB
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows or Linux