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experience and solutions for simulator interoperability.


IFAD has many of years of experience in simulator interoperability. For more than 20 years we have been working with HLA and DIS protocols. All our simulator solutions incl. solutions provided to our customers are HLA and/or DIS compliant. Solutions provided by IFAD using HLA and/or DIS protocols include:

  • Naval tactical trainer
  • Naval Search&Rescue trainer
  • IRAS Radio trainer
  • F-16 Pilot trainer (DART)
  • IFACTS Forward Air Controller training solution
  • Simulator gateways (ISIMGW)
  • Sitaware C2 gateway
  • SteelBeasts


Distributed simulation using HLA and DIS

Solutions delivered to our customers were integrated with the following systems using HLA and/or DIS:


  • VRForces
  • SAAB Gripen NG simulator
  • SteelBeasts armoured vehicle simulator
  • F16-ACT flight simulator (DART)
  • Sitaware battle management system





  • HLA - High Level Architecture
  • DIS - Distributed Interactive Simulation

Joint training

Naval, air and land training

Distributed simulation used in an exercise. IFADs simulator solutions were integrated with other solutions using HLA and/or DIS protocols.

  • INTS (Naval Tactical trainer)
  • F16-ACT(Flight simulator) (DART)
  • IFACTS (JTAC simulator)
  • VRForces (Computer Generated Forces)
  • IRAS(Radio simulation)


Navy training

Distributed simulation in a large naval training exercise FST (Fleet Synthetic Training)


Army training

Distributed simulation in a large training exercise at the Danish Army Combat school.

  • JCATS (computer generated forces)
  • Sitaware (battle management system)
  • ISIMGW (simulator gateway)
  • IRASRadio (simulated radio communication)
  • IRASLive (Live&Virtual radio communication)