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Company Profile



Working internationally

IFAD is an international orientated company specializing in networked simulation and training solutions, and advanced information technology solutions.


35+ years of innovation

We are professional providers of simulation-based products, customer-specific software solutions, support and consultancy to our clients. Building on 35+ years of innovation, IFAD assists companies and organizations in getting the best out of their mission critical software applications and human training programs. Our simulation & training products are provided through a network of partners. We have a proven record of reliability in delivering team training products, mission critical training solutions and networked simulation applications to our customers.


From pioneering to standard-setting

Our focus has always been on defining new and innovative simulation and training solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies. Our source of inspiration are requirements from our customers, who have a need for more and more complex software solutions to be specified, developed and tested.

When 'good enough' is not enough

Our development teams have over the years moved the technology boundaries within our field of expertise. Building on our pioneering efforts our simulation and training solutions are now pervasive across all our customer solutions and products.

Today, more than 35 years after its founding, IFAD is still committed to delivering services that adds value to our customers.



Since 2004

  • 15+ years continued growth
  • 15+ years positive net results
  • No bank depth (AAA rating)


  • Computer scientists, MSc, PhD
  • NATO Secret classification
  • Long-term employment


  • 20+ years with defence projects
  • 30+ years with product development
  • 250+ man years in simulation