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IFAD was established in 1986 as a non-profit R&D organization and has since then obtained a strong position with leading international companies in its customer portfolio. In order to strengthen our international activities IFAD TS A/S was formed in 2004. The company is 100% privately owned.




  •      IFAD TS, Odense, Head Quarters
  •      Naval Warfare Center, Frederikshavn, Operation, Maintenance & Support
  •      Seahawk Simulator site, Karup Airbase, Operation, Maintenance & Support




     Benny G. Mortensen, President and CEO

     Benny is the owner of IFAD. Benny was appointed as general manager for IFAD back in 1986 and has for 28
     years been leading the business with defining and implementing the company's business strategy. Benny has
     received several awards as a result of the company's performance. Benny acquired full ownership of IFAD in


     Henrik B. M. Fabricius, Director Sales & Marketing

     Henrik Fabricius is responsible for the Air Force and Army segments of our business.

     He joined IFAD in 2015. Henrik provides expert knowledge and enhances our focus on the defense market.

     He comes with a broad background as officer in the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) for 18 years. Henrik

     operated as Command and Control officer and as operational flying crew. He retired as major in 2008.

     Before joining IFAD, he worked as defense SME and business developer at Systematic A/S.


     Henrik L. Nordestgaard, CTO

     Henrik Nordestgaard is responsible for the Navy segment of our business, and partly involved in the Army

     segment. Henrik Nordestgaard joined IFAD in 2014. Henrik is leading the company's R&D department and

     responsible for overall project management. He comes with a strong engineering background from positions

     in international as well as Danish companies.


Marketing and sales


  •      Benny G. Mortensen, President & CEO
  •      Henrik L. Nordestgaard, CTO
  •      Henrik B. M. Fabricius, Director, Sales & Marketing


Project Management


  •      Henrik L. Nordestgaard, CTO







  • 1986 - IFAD established (IFAD Foundation)
  • 1992 - IFAD moves to Science Park Odense
  • 1997 - IFAD appointed Company of the Year
  • 1997 - IFAD becomes member of FAD
  • 1999 - IFAD A/S established (subsidiary)
  • 2000 - IFAD member of Boeing JSF One Team
  • 2002 - Pratt&Whitney JSF contract to IFAD 
  • 2003 - IFAD receives Funen IT award
  • 2004 - IFAD TS A/S established
  • 2004 - IFAD moves to its current location
  • 2004 - Danish MOD contract award to IFAD
  • 2005 - Benny G. Mortensen 100% ownership
  • 2007 - Danish MOD contract award to IFAD
  • 2012 - IFAD celebrates 25 years anniversary
  • 2012 - Danish MOD contract award to IFAD
  • 2014 - CAE USA contract award to IFAD
  • 2014 - IFAD doubles its facilities
  • 2015 - Danish MOD contract award to IFAD
  • 2016 - Seahawk simulator contract award to IFAD
  • 2016 - F-16 simulator contract award to IFAD
  • 2017 - IFAD celebrates 30 years anniversary
  • 2018 - NATO accreditation to JTAC simulator
  • 2018 - MSG-136 NATO Scientific Award
  • 2018 - Danish MOD 11-year agreement