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Privacy Policy


1. Purpose of this policy

The purpose of the privacy policy is to inform you how IFAD TS A/S (“we”, “us”) process your personal data.

With this policy, we wish to make you aware of the information we collect and process and, for how long we store it. This privacy policy regulates the processing of personal data by IFAD TS A/S in connection with trading, interaction, or other exchange of personal data with us.


2. Description of processing

IFAD TS A/S process your information for one or more specific purposes and in accordance with the data protection regulations. We process your information if you are a customer with us, collaborator, supplier, visit our website or our social media sites, if you sign up for our newsletter and apply for a job with us. The information will generally come directly from you, and we will only process your information for as long as it is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. However, the information can also be processed and stored longer in anonymised form.

Below you can read more about the types of processing we do.


Customer relationship

At IFAD TS A/S we only have business customers. In connection with the sale of simulations- and trainingssystem, we process information about the contact person at our business customers to enter and fulfil an agreement with you (GDPR art. 6(1)(b)). This data includes contact information such as name, company name, email, address, and telephone number as well as information about the products you have bought.

We delete the information on an ongoing basis however at the latest 5 years after the end of the customer relationship.


Cookies and website

In connection with the regular operation of our website, we collect personal data about you via cookies to improve the website's appearance and user experience, as well as to compile statistics. The information we collect via cookies includes your IP address, browser type, device (type, version, operating system, etc.) as well as user behaviour, including page views.


We only collect your personal data if you have given your consent hereto (GDPR art. 6(1)(a)). You can withdraw your consent at any time. Read more about this in our cookie policy here.


Our website also includes integrated plugins from social media platforms that may also collect data from you if you have given your consent hereto. In this connection, we have a joint data controllership with every media platform. We use integrated plugins from YouTube.


You can contact us via our website via our contact form. In this connection, we also process your personal information. The information we process are name, position, firm, e-mail and telephone.It is also possible to write in an open text box but we do not advise writing personal information in this box unless it is relevant for the inquiry.


The information we process via our contact form is deleted continuously and no later than 5 years after the last contact.


Social media

We use certain social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, to get in touch with our customers and potential customers, as well as promote our marketing initiatives. If you have been to these sites and “liked” or “followed” our fan page or have been in contact with us through these sites, we will process your personal data. We only process information about your name and email.


If you contact us via social medias, we process your information based on our interest in being able to contact you and respond to your inquiries (GDPR art. 6(1)(f)). The information will come from you and the social media through which you contact us.


We have a so-called joint controllership with the social medias that we use as we both use your data for our own purposes. You can read more about the social media´s processing of your personal data in the following:


  • Facebook’s Privacy Policy and about Facebook’s joint controllership here.
  • LinkedIn´s processing of your personal data in LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy and about LinkedIn’s joint controllership here.
  • YouTube´s processing of your personal data here.


Information processed in connection with social media that involves direct communication via the social media is deleted immediately. Posting on, for example, Facebook pages or in public groups are not deleted as a post or comment on Facebook pages or in public groups is considered public spaces. You can read about public spaces here.



We only process your personal data for marketing purposes if you have given your consent in accordance with GDPR art. 6(1)(a) to e.g., receive newsletters about events, invitations and products. The scope of our processing is stated in the specific consent.


If you have consented to receiving marketing initiatives from us, we generally process data about contact information. It is also possible to write in an open text box, but we do not advise writing personal information advise writing personal information in this field box it is relevant for the inquiry.


You have the right at any time to withdraw your consent by sending an email to info@ifad.dk or calling us at +45 63 11 02 11.


We keep documentation of your consent for as long as you receive our marketing initiatives or participate in our marketing and for 2 years after you have withdrawn your consent, as any criminal liability expires after this period.


Job applicants

If you apply for a job with us, we process your personal data to assess if you are qualified for an existing or future position. We process the data that you provide, including name, contact information, birthdate, work related and educational background information and references.

We process your information to enter into an agreement with you to enter into an employment agreement with you based on your request for our processing of the application. We also process your data if we assess that our interests in processing your personal data outweigh your interests in them not being processed, e.g., information collected from social media published by (GDPR art. 6(1)(f)).

We share your personal data with the employees involved in the recruitment.

If we wish to store your information beyond the recruitment process, we will collect your consent hereto.


Suppliers, and collaborators

When we enter into agreements with suppliers, collaborators, we process data on you as a contact person. This includes information regarding name, position, phone no., email and, if necessary, bank or payment information.


The information is processed either on a requirement to enter into an agreement with the specific supplier, or collaborator (GDPR art. 6(1)(b)) or if we as a part of the agreement have a legitimate interest in processing the specific contact person's data (GDPR art. 6(1)(f).


We store relevant contact information as part of our collaboration with you. Written correspondence is deleted continuously, and information required to comply with the Danish Bookkeeping Act is stored for the current accounting year plus 5 years.


3. Recipients of personal data

We process your personal data with confidentiality and we generally do not disclose your information with third parties. However, we may further disclose your personal data if you have given your consent hereto or if we have a legitimate interest in the disclosure.

We may entrust your personal data to our system suppliers who process personal data on our behalf and according to our specific instructions in accordance with the data processing agreements we have entered.

In some cases, we use data processors outside the EU/EEA in which a transfer to a third country occurs, e.g., in connection with the use of cloud services. In this case, we have made sure that a legal transfer basis has been prepared (for instance the use of EU Commission Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC’s)). The transfer takes place only in compliance with the necessary security guarantees as required by applicable data protection legislation and an individual assessment is always made regarding the need for additional measures.


4. Your rights

When we collect information about you, you have several fundamental rights in the personal data regulations that you can use. Your rights include the right to request access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data, restriction and objection to our processing, and the right to receive your data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format (data portability).

The above-mentioned rights may be associated with conditions and restrictions. Whether you as a data subject can request for example getting your personal data deleted will in any case depend on a concrete assessment.

If you have consented to our processing of your information, you have the right to revoke this consent at any time.

If you are dissatisfied with our processing of your personal data, you may file a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency via their website www.datatilsynet.dk/english or by calling at +45 33 19 32 00.


5. Our contact information

The company responsible for processing your personal data is:


Company Registration No.: 27 74 77 01

Østre Stationsvej 43, 5000 Odense C

Email: info@ifad.dk

Phone number: +45 63 11 02 11


If you have any questions regarding our processing of your personal data, please feel free to contact us at info@ifad.dk or by phone at +45 63 11 02 11.


6. Revision

We reserve the right to revise and modify these privacy policy guidelines on the processing of personal data. In case of significant changes, we will contact you via email or via a visible notification on our website.

This privacy policy was last revised on the 30.12.2022.