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IFAD TS receives order to deliver INTS Naval Tactical training solution to Asian customer


IFAD TS A/S of Denmark has received an order from an Asian customer to deliver a Naval Tactical simulation-based training environment.

Odense, Denmark, October 29, 2015


IFAD TS A/S of Denmark has received an order from an Asian customer to deliver an INTS Simulation environment that will be used for naval tactical training. The delivery will be used for a land-based training solution in combination with a Combat Management System.


The order includes IFAD Naval Tactical Simulator (INTS), IFAD Radar Video Simulator (IRAD), own ship weapon and sensor control and ship handling (INTS Tactical Console), 3D visual out of the window view and binocular (INTS 3D), IFADs IRAS radio communications system, and training & support.


"The INTS delivery addresses the customer's requirements for a powerful, flexible and scalable simulation solution dedicated to generating and executing a variety of complex naval battlespace scenarios," said Benny Graff Mortensen, President & CEO, IFAD TS. "This order demonstrates our customer's confidence in our naval tactical training solutions".


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