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IRAS radio simulation solutions



Radio operator training, procedure training and voice communication

IRAS is a complete family of radio simulation solutions that fulfill the needs for effective and realistic radio operator training, communications procedure training and rehearsal of complex communications scenarios.
The IRAS product suite is designed to provide both realistic communication equipment operation as well as communication experience. IRAS includes solutions for training as well as voice communication in real-time training simulators.





Flexible and configurable solutions

The IRAS products are highly flexible and configurable. They can be used individually or combined, they can be integrated with 3rd party applications, or tailored to customer-specific solutions and requirements.



From initial training to mission rehearsal

The IRAS product family enables training at several levels from initial radio operator training up to rehearsal of mission scenarios. 


The product family includes a radio communication and intercom system, software emulated radios and communication devices, and a complete classroom radio trainer with comprehensive instructor facilities.



  1. IRASComm:    DIS/HLA based simulated radio communication and Intercom system, delivered with

                                IRASInstr (instructor application) and IRASCommPanel (communication panel)



  • IRASRadio:     Suite of simulated radio and communication equipment
  • IRASTouch:     Networked communication devices for wall or console mounting
  • IRASTrainer:   Complete radio trainer with instructor facilities
  • IRASLive:         Integration of simulated and live radio nets (Live&Virtual)





The IRAS products support DIS and HLA. They operate on COTS hardware and software platforms and can be used either out of the box or tailored to customer specific requirements.




A large number of IRAS products are currently in operation at several navy and army sites in Denmark. More than 400 licenses have been delivered. They are used extensively for daily training as well as in large scale exercises.


In addition, IRAS solutions have been delivered to customers worldwide.




  IRAS Product Sheet (>)

   IRAS Trainer (>)

   IRAS Comm (>)

   IRAS Touch (>)



  • Radio operator training
  • Radio communication & Intercom
  • Voice communication
  • Recording & Playback
  • Complex communication scenarios
  • High fidelity radio simulation
  • Fully interactive radios
  • HF, VHF, UHF and SatCom
  • Radio signal propagation
  • Signal to noise ratios
  • Audio effects
  • Background noise
  • Remote control API
  • DIS/HLA-based communication
  • COTS hardware and software


  • Radio operator training
  • Communications procedure training
  • Mission rehearsal
  • Intercom
  • Live&Virtual communication




Selected references

  • Airbus Defence and Space (Germany)
  • QinetiQ (UK)
  • ST Electronics (Singapore)
  • Danish Air Force Training Center
  • Royal Danish Navy Warfare Center
  • Danish Army Signal School
  • Danish Army - Jyske Dragon Regiment
  • Danish Army Operation and Fire Support Center
  • Danish Defence Academy