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IRAD radar simulator


The IFAD radar simulator (IRAD) provides radar video simulation based on GIS data and 3D simulation technology.


Radar operator training

IRAD is used with IFADs naval tactical trainer (INTS) to stimulate radar equipment for operator training and provide radar video for integrated part task training environments. IRAD supports both analogue radar video for a range of radar systems as well as digital radar video LAN distribution. IRAD supports radar video for Furuno and C-Flex systems.



Radar images and ARPA targets generated by IRAD








  • Operator training
  • Part task training
  • GIS based radar video simulation
  • Analogue radar video
  • Digital radar video




More than 30 IRAD radar simulation solutions are in operation at the Royal Danish Navy Warfare training center. Applications include solutions for


  • Furuno (FR-2115, FAR-2117)
  • C-Flex (SMART-S)