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Distributed Close Air Support training exercise

IFACTS is a flexible solution that is available in many configurations. IFACTS supports HLA as well as DIS which offers rapid integration of systems at at low risk to the customer. Systems communicate using HLA and/or DIS over LAN and WAN connections. The figure below shows typical IFACTS components and 3rd party solutions that can be combined in different ways to meet specific customer training needs. This configuration represents an exercise setup with participants located at geographically separate sites, e.g. air base and army TACP training center. They participate in the same exercise, operate in the same geo-specific terrain, facing the same enemy threat.





Distributed training exercise example

Live pilots operate F16 flight simulators that are located at an airbase. They participate in the exercise through a WAN connection to the army site where several live JTACs operate the IFACTS FAC stations. IFACTS 'Easy-to-Fly' aircraft and UAVs are operated by instructors. Training scenarios are generated and driven by the army's JCATS (Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation) system. The training setup is also connected to a battle management system (Sitaware) in order to track entities during the session and present an overview to higher levels of command. Communication between participants (radio communication and Intercom) is handled by  IRAS, a radio simulation system provided by IFAD.

The exercise can be further extended to include tank drivers and gunners operating armoured vehicle simulators (SteelBeasts) located at the army's combat school, and naval officers operating a naval tactical training system (INTS) located at the  naval base warfare training center.






IFACTS JTAC station integrated with F16-ACT flight simulator for Pilot-in-the-Loop CAS training.




Army JCATS (Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation system) is integrated with IFACTS FAC and 'Easy-to-Fly' Pilot station.






IFACTS and SteelBeasts

SteelBeasts (armoured vehicle driver and gunner simulators) integrated with IFACTS pilot and JTAC stations.