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C2 Sim Gateway



Enabling distributed simulation

Training in simulated environments proves much more cost effective than live exercises requiring the transportation of troops, equipment and resources. There are many simulation systems on the market, but few offer a simple integration with Command and Control (C2) systems. This is where the C2 Simulator Gateway breaks new ground. The C2 Sim GW enables live, virtual and constructive (LVC) systems to actively participate in distributed simulation exercises. It is used to link live systems and simulators into integrated test beds, training environments and distributed simulation exercises.




Bringing situational awareness to simulation systems

The C2 Sim GW was built by IFAD and Systematic for the Danish Army, who is using it in their tactical trainer connected to the Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation (JCATS) system, SteelBeasts and VBS2.

The gateway provides a direct interface to Systematic’s SitaWare suite of C2 software for the vast majority of simulation systems, including JCATS, MASA SWORD, CAE GESI, JTLS, CATS TYR and VBS2. It can also provide an open interface to other JC3IEDM based systems using SitaWare C2 server as the MIP gateway.

Sitaware C2 Sim Gateway connecting
a variety of simulation systems to Sitaware C2 system via DIS/HLA.




Usable at all levels

The C2 Sim GW is usable at all levels – from forces equipped with SitaWare Frontline at platoon level to Joint commands using SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Headquarters WebCOP.






The C2 SIM Gateway was designed and developed by IFAD and Systematic. It is being distributed by Systematic.