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DIS PDU Filter



Filtering of Large Scale Exercises

The IFAD DIS PDU Filter provides filtering facilities for large scale DIS exercise with up to 40.000 entities. An amount of entities that might degrade the performance or crash simulators connected to the network. The DIS PDU Filter provides filtering by a range of parameters such as position (area filter), name, force id (friendly, hostile, neutral), type, organizational level etc.



Application Area

IFADs DIS PDU Filter is ideal for connecting virtual simulators such as Steel Beasts, VBS2 and IFACTS to large scale exercises.



Example - JCATS exercise

The DIS PDU filter is integrated into the SitaWare SimGW Instructor application (see figure below).
The setup shows 40.000 DIS entities from a JCATS DIS LAN being filtered by the DIS PDU Filter to 1000 units on a SitaWare/VBS2 DIS LAN.


DIS PDU filter providing  filtering and simulation data mapping from JCATS (Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation) to a configuration of Sitaware C2 battle management systems.



The DIS PDU Filter has been used in the Danish Army to connect SitaWare battle management systems and VBS2 to JCATS exercises with up to 40.000 entities.



  • Industrial, open standards
  • Distributed simulation
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Proven technology