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IRASTouch is a stand-alone communication and control device with touch display, various I/O connections and network running IRAS software radios and Windows or Linux. IRASTouch is ideal for wall mount or integration in consoles or tables etc.

Radio Simulation

IRASTouch is based on the IRASComm and IRASRadio radio simulation software allowing flexibility and adaptation to specific user needs.

  • IRASComm provides a configurable DIS/HLA based radio simulation and intercom system.
  • IRASRadio provides software emulated radios, intercom systems and communication control interfaces.


IRASTouch is built on industry standard COTS hardware and software.

  • Easy access to spare parts
  • Easy maintenance and upgrade
  • Reconfigurable hardware and software




  • Simulated radio voice communication
  • Reconfigurable hardware and software
  • Highly flexible and scalable
  • Multi platform (Windows, Linux)
  • COTS hardware and software
  • Industry standards
  • DIS/HLA interoperability